Want to really customize your AXIOM or ELX snow goggles? Pick as many additional lenses as you like to match your style and attitude for every occasion! 

**NOTE: The FLUX Lens is a Transitional Lens and will appear clear on arrival. This lens activates under UV light and will transition from clear to dark and back depending on the lighting conditions. This makes the FLUX the ideal ALL-AROUND lens.**

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Dual-Layer Anit-Fog Coating

We know there are few things worse than your goggles fogging up on you. Especially when it's at an inoppurtune time like waiting to drop in on a steep chute with weather closing in around you. That's why we apply two coats of anti-fog to our interior lenses. The first is applied directly to the lens during the manufacturing process. The second is applied after the goggles are assembled to ensure the best resistance to fogging possible.

Dual-Layer Polycarbonate Lenses

Our dual-layer lenses are vacuum sealed to prevent air passing between the lenses which, in turn, helps cut down on fogging. The interior lens also fits snuggly within the lip of the TPU frame to create an air-tight seal when the lens is in place. The lens also provides 6 built-in air vents to further reduce fogging. We also treat the interior lens with an anti-fog agent twice, and the exterior lens with a super-hydrophobic solution to help water bead off the lens to reduce icing. Lastly, our lenses use 9 contact points to fasten to the frame so you can be sure they are securely attached.

Made in Italy

Because quality matters! To provide you the best optical experience possible our inner lenses are manufactured in Italy, a country renowned for their production of quality eye wear. This is the cornerstone for our dual-layer sens system and allows us to provide a unique viewing experience.


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FLUX lens rock

Got the first opportunity to use the new FLUX lens I ordered. Great lens with perfect tint change. Super sharp and clear. Only thing I seemed to notice was the very top 2mm fogged up and didn't seem to dissipate during the descent.

Best Lenses

I've never had any problems with my LTD goggles. The lenses are incredibly easy to swap out and the LTD team will always take care of your questions.

Super Awesome Anti Fog

I have like 3 additional lens and they all work perfect for their different lights. Indestructible after a few wipeouts last seasons.