The Axiom is a top of the line goggle. These goggles feature our NEW Click N Ride lens system, which allows you to change lenses in just seconds without having to take your goggles off. This system, coupled with a superior anit-fog system, make the Axiom perfect for any weather or riding condition you can imagine. The Axiom features a smaller frame size than our popluar ELX without sacrificing the Ultra Wide Angle view. The Axiom also features our helmet compatible QRS (Quick Release Strap) system so you can change straps to fit your mood. 

This package includes the FLUX transitional lens, a photochromatic lens that adjusts to changing UV conditions. This lens is great for ALL lighting conditions from night riding to blue-bird days.


  • Axiom Frame w/ Click N Ride Lens System and Your Choice of Strap
  • FLUX Transitional Primary Lens
  • Clear Red REVO Backup Lens
  • Microfiber Bag
  • Protective EVA Case
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14 Day Satisfaction Guarantee (Don't like it? Return it for a full refund) + 90 Day Warranty Against Manufacturer Defects


Click N Ride Lens System

If you've been on the mountain when it goes from bluebird to stormy, you know how important it is to have the right lens. Unless you're riding our FLUX lens you are probably going to have to switch lenses. Traditionally this is a painful and time consuming process which requires you to remove your goggles. With our new Click N Ride system, changing lenses has never been easier of faster. Change your lenses while wearing your goggles in just seconds and spend more time on the slopes. PUSH. SWITCH. CLICK. RIDE. It's just that simple.

Quick Release Strap System (QRS)

It's always better to have options. Change your strap to fit your mood with our Quick Release Strap System (QRS). Just pinch the release and slide the strap out. then slide your new strap in until it clicks. Slide. Click. Ride. Changing your style has never been easier.

Dual-Layer Anti-Fog Coating

We know there are few things worse than your goggles fogging up on you. Especially when it's at an inoppurtune time like waiting to drop in on a steep chute with weather closing in around you. That's why we apply two coats of anti-fog to our interior lenses. The first is applied directly to the lens during the manufacturing process. The second is applied after the goggles are assembled to ensure the best resistance to fogging possible.

Ultra Wide Angle View

This goggle features a low profile frame that sits flush with the lens to prevent tunnel vision effect. The side buckles are also set back a bit further on this model so that they are out of your peripheral vision. Lastly, we moved the venting on the spherical lens to the upper corners of the lens and made them round instead of elongated in order to maximize the visual surface area of each lens. All this means that you will have less blindspots and better vision every time you step on the mountain.

Made in Italy

Because quality matters! To provide you the best optical experience possible our inner lenses are manufactured in Italy, a country renowned for their production of quality eye wear. This is the cornerstone for our dual-layer sens system and allows us to provide a unique viewing experience.

Dual-Layer Polycarbonate Lenses

Our dual-layer lenses are vacuum sealed to prevent air passing between the lenses which, in turn, helps cut down on fogging. The interior lens also fits snuggly within the lip of the TPU frame to create an air-tight seal when the lens is in place. The lens also provides 6 built-in air vents to further reduce fogging. We also treat the interior lens with an anti-fog agent twice, and the exterior lens with a super-hydrophobic solution to help water bead off the lens to reduce icing. Lastly, our lenses use 9 contact points to fasten to the frame so you can be sure they are securely attached.

Eco-Friendly TPU Frame

Because we only have one planet! We developed our goggles to be as eco-friendly as possible. The best way to do this was to replace the traditional TPU material found in many of today's goggles with a renewable source, plant-based TPU. this "bio" TPU material provides all the same advantages of using traditional TPU but contains up to 75% renewable ingredients.

3-Layer Comfort Foam

We use three layers of anti-microbial foams to line our goggles. The first is a slightly firmer foam which acts as a barrier between the exterior foam and the TPU frame of the goggle to absorb impact. The second layer is a soft comfort foam that hugs your face and creates a tight seal against air leaking in. The third layer is a thin, comfortable layer of moisture wicking foam.

Assembled in the USA

We assemble and quality check every pair of Ltd. Optics goggles in Salt Lake City, UT. We do this to ensure that each pair of goggles we sell fits your needs while also meeting our rigid standards for quality. This fact, coupled with a superior warranty, mean you can feel confident that you are buying the best goggles on the market.

Silicone Beaded Straps

Having your goggles slide down your face is a nightmare while flying down the mountain. That's why we incorporated three distinct lines of silicone beading on all of our straps. So, whether you're wearing a helmet or a beanie, you can be confident that your goggles won't move and you won't have to tighten them down to the point of cutting off circulation simply to keep them on.


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Love Flux

In love with these FLUX lenses. Love how the transition based on conditions. No more changing lenses every time those storm clouds roll in.

Best goggles I've ever owned

I bought these back in September and have know used them for more than 80 days on the mountain. I love these goggles! They are comfortable, the lenses are super easy to change (even though I rarely need to since the transitioning FLUX lens is so awesome), and the optical quality of the lenses is outstanding. I've already talked two of my buddies into to picking up a pair and they have couldn't be happier as well. Thanks for making such a great product LTD!

Great googles...almost perfect

I love these goggles, my only complaint is that I wish the lens transitioned a little faster. Now, to be fair, I've also ridden Dragon X1 and Zeal Eclipse goggles with transitioning lenses and they aren't any quicker. It seems that the technology, market-wide, just isn't quite there yet. I do love these goggles though and would definitely take them over the two mentioned above due to fit, comfort, and functionality. Keep up the good work LTD and hopefully we can see transitioning lens technology take the next step in coming seasons.

Come On... Tranny Lenses... Nothing Better!

It's great that the goggles come with a second lens but really having a transition lens that filters out the brightest daytime sunshine but goes clear enough so you can see the flat late afternoon light is excellent. No midday lens change, no worrying about bringing other lenses. Yeah you don't look slick with a crazy-shiny-iridium-whatever can-see-my-reflection-in-it-but-can't-see-that-ice-patch-at-night lens that the "big dogs" have but I'd rather ski safe all day and night then fall on my face and break my shiny call guys lenses. A++++ product. Good fit as well with my Smith Helmet.