On the move - pt. 1

I want to start by saying a huge THANK YOU to all the people who have already been supporting Ltd. Optics! It's because of you we have been able to expand into another amazing field: GOGGLES! 

Many of you know we did a limited release of some of our 2014/2015 goggle line in February. The full release is expected to be late summer / early fall, stay tuned for more information! 

To make sure that we are bringing you the best product possible our team, owners, and reps have been all over the western US testing these goggles in various conditions. These beauties have seen sunny groomer days, park days, extensive hikes to find deep pow, record setting blizzards, slush storms, and even windy conditions down to -25 degrees! 

Keep an eye out for more upcoming posts about our travels around the country and what the latest is with our team.