The ELX is a top of the line Frameless goggle. These goggles are perfect for any weather or riding condition you can imagine. Roll through the park and enjoy the Ultra Wide Angle view, Hike for fresh pow and enjoy the great Dual Lens Anti-Fog system, or ride all day and into the night with the Interchangeable Lens System and INCLUDED second lens.


  • ELX Frame and Your Choice of Strap
  • Smoke Primary Lens
  • Yellow Backup Lens
  • Microfiber Bag
  • Protective EVA Case
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14 Day Satisfaction Guarantee (Don't like it? Return it for a full refund) + 90 Day Warranty Against Manufacturer Defects


14 Day 100% Satisfaction Guarantee + 1 Year Limited Warranty


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The perfect fit!

a-lot of goggles out there just dont sit comfortably on ones face but with the ELX- Basic you wont have that problem... they have a very cushiony feel and work well if im free-riding or with my helmet in the park! i love these goggles and their stylish look!! i highly recommend these to anyone that wants to have high performance goggles that look steezy as well!

Falling in Love

I got these goggles simply because I needed to be able to change the lens between bluebird, greybird, and night. The blackout lens is absolutely the best I've had for bluebird conditions, and the yellow backup is great for greybird. I'm looking to get one of the clear red lenses for night time down the road, but the yellow works fine at night for now. The technology used to hold and switch the lenses is fairly easy, and you get used to it quickly. Great goggles all around, I highly recommend them.

Love! Love! Love!

Love these goggles. They are super comfy with a great field of vision and they never fog on me! Recommending these to all of my friends next season.