What is your dream job?

Posted by Scott H. on 9th Apr 2014

What is your dream job?

Every one of us has that dream job that we never pursued for any number of reasons. For some its being self-employed not answering to anyone and creating our very own products. Maybe for someone else it is being a travel blogger, simply traveling the world telling everyone about exotic locations all over the globe. Both of those sound excellent, for me it is pretty simple with a few options. I love the outdoors so my dream jobs would be one of two: being a national geographic photographer or working as a forest ranger.

To be clear, I don’t know a lot about being a forest ranger other than what I want it to be from an activities requirement. I envision that it is a lot of driving around back roads, hiking into the backcountry making sure animals are not being poached and managing animal population. I would expect a typical day to be full of hiking mountains, running into deer, elk, bears, large cats etc… and mainly enjoying the outdoors. However, upon writing this I decided to look into what a forest ranger would actually do. First even this job requires a Bachelors degree! After reading about the job responsibilities it seems that the majority of being a forest ranger is looking for wild fires, talking to the public about fires, and managing national/state parks including but not limited to sitting in a booth and letting people in to parks and the best activity, emptying and cleaning port-o-potties . 

Being a photographer seems like the dream job. Go somewhere beautiful and potentially exotic, show up take some photos and call it a days work. If you sit down with a true photographer or videographer they will help you understand this is not the way it works. Being a photographer is a lot of waiting and looking for the right shot. Early and late hours waiting for the lighting to be just right for the desired shot, or in the case of shooting wildlife, waiting for animals to show up in the way that will fit the shot that you are looking for. However, to someone like me who loves the outdoors even the down time sounds good to me! This would be absolutely living the dream!

While we will all look to the other side which always seems “greener” and sometimes that fantasy of a different life can be motivating. The good thing about our lives is that we have full control over our own choices and we can pick up hobbies and try to live out our dreams on maybe a smaller scale. I recently picked up a entry level camera to get started on my photographer dreams.

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