The Super Rad sticker pack includes:

  • at Least 9 Stickers (3 different styles)
  • 2 Ltd. Optics decals in yellow

All stickers and decals are UV coated to prevent fading when exposure to direct sunlight is frequent.

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14 Day 100% Satisfaction Guarantee + 1 Year Limited Warranty

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10/10. Would stick again.

These bad boys are more clingy than that one ex girlfriend. I've had these stickers on my boards and vehicles for awhile now, and they refuse to give up. I don't see why you wouldn't want these steezy gems.

All the stickers!

i got around about 20 stickers. they are cool and good quality.

Tons of stickers

You get 10oz of stickers. I don't know if you've ever weighed a sticker, but it's a padded little manila envelope filled with awesome stickers. If you like stickers and Ltd optics, then get these Ltd Optics stickers.